The Girl and the. . .ID?

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Well, this is awkward.

Our class has shifted in a different direction: away from Detroit and towards “identity.” The horror! The hypocrisy! What makes us any better than the hundreds of thousands who abandoned Detroit for the safety of the suburbs?! And after all of this time, I thought what we had with Detroit was specialllllllll!

…mainly I’m just concerned with the title of my blog not matching the current theme of the curriculum.

But I’m not going to change it. Our focus on Detroit was not in vain; I’ve learned enough about that wonderful city to have sparked an interest in the pursuit of a better Detroit. I’m not sure specifically what that could mean right now, but don’t think I’m abandoning the city. There’s a lot of growth yet to happen there, both for the city and for myself, I think.

That being said, my blog posts will take a turn in the direction of “identity” from now on. It should be interesting, seeing as I’ve never been able to pin one for myself down, and now I have to post some down into this blog.


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